Mechanical treatments

Highest standards in delousing

Aqua Pharma’s mechanical treatment method is amongst the largest in the world. The equipment is mounted on board the 59-metre long and 15-metre-wide MS Steyer. An eight-line Hydrolicer delousing system is operated by a team of fully trained operatives and fish health experts.

Fish welfare

The mechanical delousing system is built in a straight line without turns and avoids using pumps for fish storage, ensuring the highest possible standards with respect to fish welfare and lower costs for fish farmers. The vessel can delouse a standard 160m cage in around three to four hours. It was designed for large fish but works very effectively on all fish sizes from 1.5 – 12 kg.

The MS Steyer vessel has a CIP (Cleaning in Place) washing system developed by Aquatiq Hygiene Systems to promote hygiene for both pipes and pumps.

Our team on board the vessel includes fish health experts, delousing managers and an experienced crew to run a smooth delousing operation. We can offer the MV Steyer and it’s delousing unit for spot and longer-term needs.

Technical information

Norway (in partnership with AQS)

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We operate around the world

Aqua Pharma operate in 8 countries (Norway, Scotland, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Chile, USA and Indonesia), with around 50 employees across the globe.

Aqua Pharma Group is structurally backed by two innovative parent companies,
Solvay (a global leader in sustainable materials and solutions) and
Aquatiq (a Norwegian reference in Food Safety).

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