Our mission is to lower environmental impact and increase animal welfare in aquaculture

Aqua Pharma invests in research & innovation, and collaborates with different stakeholders, to drastically lower environmental impact and increase animal welfare in aquaculture segments. We have a great responsibility to increase transparency in aquaculture and to reassure consumers that the fish and shrimp we eat are sustainably farmed according to the highest welfare standards.


The growth ambition of the aquaculture industry will only be reached if new, viable, and integrative methods for prevention and control of diseases reach the marketplace on time. Increasing resistance to existing methods, greater awareness of animal welfare, and minimal environmental impact are the main drivers for this development. Recognising the need, 

Aqua Pharma and marine physics start-up PULCEA teamed up to develop an acoustic technology to overcome tolerance of marine ectoparasites against the existing hydrogen peroxide bath treatment concept. This collaboration is part of the European Union funded “BREEZE” project, which will enhance the sustainability of the existing concept by a more responsible use of the resources.


The main benefit of the existing medicinal hydrogen peroxide bath concept is that it quickly removes the parasites (also killing the eggs of gravid females), leaving no residue in the fish itself. In the environment, the substance decomposes into oxygen and water. It is this potent combination of benefits that led the Solar Impulse Foundation to award the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions label to this concept in 2020.

Aqua Pharma is now taking the next step to validate the state of the environment left following hydrogen peroxide bath treatments. As part of the European Union funded “BREEZE” project, we will ensure that little or no residue remains following release, making hydrogen peroxide bath treatments suitable for use even in environmentally sensitive regions. Follow us on Social Media to stay tuned.

Artificial intelligence
for DIsease prevention

SEATRU™, an aquaculture technology venture, is an artificial intelligence platform to predict disease outbreaks and improve health management of farms. With SEATRU™, we are transforming aquaculture and ushering farmers into the “blue revolution”. Through research and development of advanced technologies in disinfectant treatments, microbial monitoring, animal gut health, and artificial intelligence, we are creating stable water conditions and ensuring increased performance. Aqua Pharma and partners are ambitious and aspire to lead the way in AI-driven aquaculture pathology and breakthrough developments for disease management.

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