Precision treatment and fish welfare

Well boats

This is where it all started back in 2009.

Each well boat became equipped with one or two ISOs and a closed dosing system to ensure the highest safety standards. The well boat dosing unit determines the exact treatment volume required.

Titrations and calibrations

Aqua Pharma’s concept has the great advantage that the required concentration of the product used can be easily examined by a quick titration. This quick titration method also allows the customer to assess and adjust the dosing mixture. The system takes several samples from the well to estimate the flow and distribution, and it allows to determine the right treatment volume needed. When desired, Aqua Pharma can provide auto-titration systems to further simplify the process.


In 2013, the tarpaulin treatment concept is introduced. These so-called bath treatments require less handling of the fish, are faster, and are regarded to be amongst the gentlest treatments available with respect to fish welfare.

Dosing innovation

The high safety results developed for the well boat treatments, were duplicated, and adapted for tarpaulin treatments. Different designs were developed depending on the size of the treatment vessels. Common to all systems is that dosing occurs in a closed system until the treatment substance reaches the cage.

Pre-dose concept

As with the dosing, the calibration systems from the well boat experience was brought over to tarpaulin treatments. The calibration system for tarpaulin allows the user to start with just a small dose, collect samples and calculate the filling volume in the tarp prior to the main dose. By doing so, margins and fish welfare are maximised.

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