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Revolutionary systems for disease prevention and control in Aquaculture.


Aqua Pharma develops and delivers disease prevention and control systems for a diverse range of aquaculture segments. Our concepts and innovations ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum animal welfare. In doing so, we contribute to the successful scaling of sustainably managed fish and shrimp, to meet the growing demand for healthy proteins. Our treatments are available worldwide in all major aquaculture countries.

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Aqua Pharma and global solutions provider Solvay co-developed a low impact therapeutic bath treatment concept based on hydrogen peroxide, also referred to as oxygenated water. The treatment supports the fish farmers to control sea lice and other diseases, while ensuring fish welfare. Our integrated pest management strategy allows for flexible dosing solutions and the ability to instantaneously calibrate concentration levels for safe, effective treatment.


Aqua Pharma’s mechanical treatment vessel was introduced to respond to an increased need for additional delousing options, during periods of cold water temperatures in Norway. Our mechanical vessel is amongst the largest in the world and the delousing system has been designed with one prime focus: maximum salmon welfare. We can make our eight-line delousing system together with a fully trained crew and fish health experts available to salmon farmers for spot or longer term needs.


For shrimp and pond farms we have developed a premium, effective and low impact health management concept for water conditioning. To take it one step further, we offer precision farming through our AI driven platform, SEATRU™. Every pond is unique. Timely and detailed insights into the complex microbial life are key for defining new microbiome management strategies. By connecting these insights with precisely dosed health management products, we can help you to optimise your farm yield. 

Dosing units and services

When applying prescriptive substances or product, whether in a pen, a well boat or a pond, the dosing system is what makes the difference. Choosing the right dosing equipment is key to the health and safety of the team at the farms, and to the efficacy of your treatment.

We operate around the world

Aqua Pharma operate in 8 countries (Norway, Scotland, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Chile, USA and Indonesia), with around 50 employees across the globe.

Aqua Pharma Group is structurally backed by two innovative parent companies,
Solvay (a global leader in sustainable materials and solutions) and
Aquatiq (a Norwegian reference in Food Safety).

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