Powerful partnerships and advanced technology in pond disease management

Aqua Pharma‘s newest development is a combination of artificial intelligence and water conditioning, resulting in a powerful prescriptive solution for disease management in ponds or closed aquaculture systems in general.


Aqua Pharma and manufacturer Solvay have developed AQUALISAN® a premium, effective and environmentally friendly product for water conditioning in ponds. When added to a pond, the product quickly eliminates a wide range of water borne pathogens and kills bacteria likely to cause diseases. The product is a powerful inhibitor, causing rapid oxidation of cell walls of virus, bacteria, protozoa, spores, and other harmful microbial communities, killing them off or rendering them innocuous. 

While AQUALISAN® very easily mixes into pond water, it is important to use a precise dosage at a very specific moment according to the exact conditions in each pond. To ensure that farmers achieve the best possible results, Aqua Pharma’s team provides treatment advice to guide the farmers through the cycles. Our technical experience in designing and developing dosing systems for salmon farms, will be translated to a new generation of dosing units for pond applications, to further simplify the process and ensure reliable performance.


The AQUALISAN® solution has already been successfully introduced to the Indonesian shrimp market. The solution has proven to be highly effective in controlling a wide range of shrimp diseases in Indonesian shrimp farms (yellow head disease, white spot syndrome, Luminescent Bacterial Disease (LBD), Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease, Hepatopancreatic Microsporidiosis).

Farms using our controlled water conditioning concept have reported:

  • cleaner pond water and therefore higher pond success rates.
  • a cost benefit. Ponds using AQUALISAN® have reported higher yields and more predictable harvests. 
  • a healthier and constant environment, with a significantly reduction of the fear for disease or infection. Providing farmers with this peace of mind means they can delay harvest, giving shrimp precious days or weeks to grow in size ౼ thus commanding a higher price on the market.

Precision farming
through Artificial Intelligence

The SEATRU Advantage

Aqua Pharma is developing an aquaculture technology venture. The SEATRU platform intends to usher pond farmers into the “blue revolution”. Through research and development of advanced technologies in oxygenation and water conditioning, adapted dosing systems, and precision farming through artificial intelligence, we aim at creating stable water conditions for increased performance.

Every pond is unique. Timely and detailed insights into the complex life are key for defining new management strategies. By connecting these insights with prescriptive health management solutions, we will help farmers to drastically optimise farm yield. 


Water treatment solutions play an important role in aquaculture, enabling farmers to manage the complex pond ecosystem and provide an optimal environment for shrimp to thrive. SEATRU provides the insight for the farmer and other producers of additives or feed millers for an optimized integrated solution approach.

We can support with water monitoring, prescriptive dosing, microbial fingerprinting, and gut health testing.

Gut Health


From shrimp to freshwater finfish, seabass, trout, or tilapia farms … disease outbreaks can spread in less than 5 days and result in high mortality rates or total eradication of a farm. For farmers, this accounts to a complete loss of income. For the industry, this accounts to billions of dollars in lost revenue.

AQUALISAN® and SEATRU can be used for all types of farms from hatcheries to rural and industrial farms. When used properly, water conditioning can bring significant and sustainable value to farmers, which in turn generates value in the local community, country and even the region. 

Aqua Pharma’s water conditioning treatment concept will:

  • Predict and manage disease outbreaks
  • Enable safe and early grow-outs
  • Microbial water conditions

Technical information

Water Conditioning – Aqualisan

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