The risk water polution and disease outbreaks

Roughly 5 million tons of shrimp are farmed every year across the globe ౼ with a marked concentration in China and Southeast Asia.

While the production level itself is notable, what is more impressive is that the majority of the world’s farm raised shrimp comes from small to medium sized family-run farms scattered across rural fields and countryside.

As these farms are generally in rural or low-income areas, the risk of water pollution and disease outbreaks in ponds can be substantial. Moreover, due to their small structure, a single disease outbreak could entirely wipe out a family’s source of income. The fragmented aspect of the industry also contributes to a significant lack of standardization, and oftentimes farmers don’t have the expertise or tools necessary to diagnose problems or find the right solutions. Adding to these challenges, the world is trending towards higher food safety requirements and increased environmental protection monitoring ౼ raising the standards for these independent farmers and the whole shrimp industry.

Water conditioning
for ponds

Disease outbreak is the #1 challenge facing the aquaculture industry today. We have one goal – to solve it.

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