Aqua Pharma compra una participación del 50% en el pionero de piojos Pulcea

Aqua Pharma takes 50% stake in lice pioneer Pulcea

Pulcea, which has been developing the use of sound energy to improve the efficiency of existing sea lice treatments, has joined forces with Norwegian lice medicine and treatment equipment supplier Aqua Pharma to accelerate the delivery of its technology, from testing through to commercialisation.

Under the six-figure deal, Aqua Pharma has bought a 50% stake in Pulcea, with the remaining 50% jointly owned by Pulcea managing director Ian Armstrong and technical director Ian Jamieson.

Oscillating bubbles

Current lice treatment methods include bathing the salmon in hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down into water and oxygen after treatment.

Using acoustic power in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide during treatment causes the oxygen bubbles that attach to the sea lice from the breakdown of the hydrogen peroxide to oscillate, causing more damage to the lice whilst being less stressful for the fish.

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