Registration status

In Maine and Washington we are permitted to sell Interox PARAMOVE® 50 under an Investigatory New Animal Drug (INAD) status issued by the Centre of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), the division of the US Food & Drug Administration which regulates the manufacture and distribution of food additives and drugs that will be given to animals.

Aqua Pharma US

Aqua Pharma cooperates with AquaTactics Fish Health, and has formed Aqua Pharma US Inc.

Through reseach and innovation we have specialized in bath treatments in aquaculture business. Our Account Managers have operational management experience within the international and US industry, and this helps us provide the required level of service our customers demand. 

Contact us

Ian Armstrong

Managing Director
Aqua Pharma Canada
+44 7770815994

Hugh Mitchell

MS, DVM, Director
Aqua Pharma USA
+1 425-821-6821

Tom Goodrich

PhD Microbiologist / Regulatory
Aqua Pharma USA
+1 425 922 4208