Tasmania is home to very innovative salmon farmers who successfully farm in a challenging environment. Aqua Pharma make regular visits to Australia to assess whether our technological expertise can be of benefit to them.

Following our visit there in March 2010 the industry decided to finance further research into the treatment efficacy of hydrogen peroxide against Amoebic Gill Disease.


Interox Paramove has an active 49.5% w/w Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) solution. It is manufactured by Solvay Chemicals International in their manufacturing plants holding the required Manufacturing.

A long term option for Sea Lice Control. Our Hydrogen peroxide based treatment has many  additional benefits to the fish farming industry. Key advantages are:

  • Nil residues in the fish
  • Nil withdrawal period
  • Environmentally friendly option


As part of the Aquatiq Group, we operate within a culture of continuous improvement. This ensures that our technology offering and service levels continue to meet our customer's expectations as these evolve. Our sister company Hygiene Teknikk provides technical support to our Account Managers. Aquatiq Hygiene Systems background is in the food safety industry and so they are well accustomed to providing the "high care" solutions required to safely handle

Health & Safety

All living organisms manufacture H2O2 as a by-product, and we possess the catalase enzyme to break it back down into oxygen and water. The environmental profile of

Paramove following a treatment is minimal due to its rapid breakdown into these component parts, whilst the withdrawal period for fish being treated for

sealice is zero days for similar reasons. The occupational health concern is therefore low.

However in its concentrated form Paramove is a powerful oxidiser and must be treated with respect at all times. The Health & Safety of everyone associated with Paramove is of paramount importance. There is a range of training services available to our customers and we work closely with them to ensure their requirements are met. Our technology development programme is ongoing and targeted to reduce the remaining risk to people and to fish.


Aqua Pharma allocate a proportion of any profit to fund peer reviewed scientific research. This helps ensure the future sustainability of our industry upon which we all depend upon. We also host Seminars to ensure that best treatment knowledge is shared between countries. Our international expertise within Aqua Pharma has been of proven benefit when new biological challenges arise.


Paramove is available in single use Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC'S) of 1100 kg or Reusable Stainless Steel ISO-containers of 22,900 kg. We work with a variety of logistical partners to ensure that Paramove is safely and reliably delivered to all parts of Australia/Tasmania. Robust contingency plans are in place to deal with the unexpected.

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