Health & Safety in Aqua Pharma

In Aqua Pharma we take the responsibility of health and safety very serious. First and foremost, for all people involved in the operations, but also for fish welfare, equipment and environment.

By the end of 2017 we have arranged safety awareness courses for more than 1600 people globally. This involves safe handling of Paramove® for crew working along the fish cages, people within logistics, local police and fire brigades. Our international involvement helps us in experience transfers that benefit all of our customers with regard to safety.

As for technical safety we aim for the highest standards possible, and implement this philosophy wherever we operate. We design and build customized equipment with a strong focus on being able to operate safely and reliably with a minimum of human exposure.

The synergy of highly experienced employees in the field, in purpose made manufacturing and being represented in all aquaculture markets is second to none. Especially so in a health and safety perspective.


Ørjan André Nilsen

Global Safety Manager
Aqua Pharma
+47 413 09 876